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HR and Training

    For many small to medium sized businesses, the expense of having a full service HR and Training Department within the business is out of the question, but here at Compare Factoring, we strive to make it affordable whatever your budget.

    Our HR and Training services can be used on a long term or on a “pay-as-you go” ad-hoc basis allowing you to use it only as and when it is needed.

    Our HR and training partners are some of the country’s most experienced and knowledgable professionals in the UK with many years of expertise in supporting their clients successfully.

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    If you’d like to find out more about how HR and Training could help you business, call Compare Factoring today on 0844 846 7475, all of our advice is free and with no obligation.

    Services provided include:

    24/7 HR Helpline
    Redundancy helpline
    Pay, tax and pensions
    Working hours / time off / maternity / paternity issues

    Sales Training
    First impressions
    Basic principles of selling
    Building trust and rapport
    Helping understand customer’s needs
    Sales techniques
    Objection handling
    Closing / gaining commitment

    Telesales training
    Basic principles of selling – steps of the sale
    Customer transition and psychology
    Understanding customers needs
    Objection handling
    Effective telesales behaviour
    Self evaluation of performance
    Gaining commitment

    Management training
    Responsibilities of a manager
    Training the trainer
    People skills
    Leadership and motivation
    Business planning
    Effective qualities of a manager
    Active communication skills

    Call centre management

    Sales Team Recruitment – Temporary teams to test new products / services.

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